Its A Crazy Thing – LSU

“I’ve got some poor, unlucky, bummed-out, over-worked, sick and tired angel begging not to have to help me…” –It’s a Crazy Thing, Poplife, LSU (Michael Knott and band)

These lyrics are some of my favorites and definitely went through my mind as I was creating the story, “Angel of Mondays.” I thought it would be an interesting experiment to write about angels on the job. The story took it’s own turn, as stories often do. But I love that.

Thanks for the inspiration, Michael Knott! Keep rockin’! (Even when the audience is the crazy thing.)

“Angel of Mondays” is included in the Eclectically Cosmic Anthology, by Inklings Publishing. Get your copy of this collection of quirky, speculative, and otherworldly stories today!

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Why Me?

“Why me?”

“The defining event takes place on a Monday. You are Zaniel, angel of Mondays, correct?”

“Yes, Michael, I am. I suppose Monday’s are my thing. But, if you think about it, my name means nothing, you know, compared to the Name above all names. To be honest, I often wonder about Tuesdays.”

-“Angel of Mondays” from Eclectically Cosmic


When I started this tale about a grumpy, yet faithful angel, I intended to turn it into a novel. But providence intervened. It lives now as a 1200 word flash fiction piece that I’m quite proud of. I’m honored to have it included in Inklings Publishing’s Eclectically Cosmic Anthology. It’s available now!

Behind the Story

The name Zaniel really DOES mean “Angel of Mondays.” My son was researching writing a story using lions as  the characters and when we discovered this name. I stole it immediately!


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Laura Marling – The Captain & The Hourglass

Dedicated to the passengers of the Remnant and their Captain from the Days of the Guardian Trilogy. (Laura looks a lot like Ainsling!)

Listen to more from young, talented female singer/songwriter, Laura Marling!

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The Singer Wore A Mask…

The Singer wore a mask. Turquoise feathers and midnight-blue fabric disguised her face. She unpacked an acoustic guitar and set up a microphone stand in a cleared-out section of the dark coffee shop.

The Writer strolled through the front door. He grinned like a hungry wolf as he sauntered up to the coffee bar.

 “The usual?” I asked.

“Why change now?”

“Why, indeed.”                                                                                                                     

-“Anonymous,” Hair Raising Tales of Horror


The Singer will be reading my story, “Anonymous” and singing when required. Come one, come all! If you dare!

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The Scientist | Coldplay Acoustic Cover | Narvaez Music Covers | REALITYCHANGERS

Kids are awesome! Life is hard, and they bring such raw joy and renewed perspective. I know a lot of amazing kids. One of them is named Enzo. He was born with Cri-du-chat syndrome and he’s my hero. If you met Enzo, you’d understand. Not only is he a sweetheart, he’s got a contagious smile. I’m so proud of this dude. (And his awesome parents.)

In my short story, Monster-Shark, Enzo plays a cameo role. He inspires a group of kids to include children with special needs into their games.


If you’re in the Houston area, consider joining me for the Perceptions Series: Special Needs Book Release Party this Saturday! Or you can buy a copy here! Thanks!

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New Anthology Featuring Children With Special Needs Available Soon!

“Hey! Let’s play a new kind of tag!”

“What’s it called?” Ethan asked with earnest curiosity.

Brayden tried to pretend he hadn’t just made up the game in his head.

“Uh . . . it’s called . . . shark tag.”

“How do you play?” Chloe asked. The rest of the kids quieted so they could hear Brayden explain the game. When he saw all their eyes staring at him, his palms began to sweat. He took a deep breath.

“Well, everyone hides. One person is it. When you’re found, then you’re it.”

“That’s not new! Everyone’s played that game,” Ethan complained.

“No, this is different. When you’re found, you’re both it. You stay together and everyone you find becomes it, too. The it grows bigger and bigger,” Brayden answered.

-excerpt from “Monster-Shark” by D. Marie Prokop, The Perceptions Anthology: Special Needs by Inklings Publishing


I’m so pleased to announce that the Perceptions Anthology: Special Needs is being released on October 8th! I honored that my story, Monster-Shark, is a part of this unique collection of short stories.

Each story includes characters with special needs, which is an under-represented group in children’s literature in general. I interviewed a special needs mom and used my own experience of growing up with a special needs sibling to create Monster-Shark, as well as asking elementary-aged kids some probing questions about how they could include everyone when they play together.

This story was a group effort, ironically, a lot like shark tag.

Here’s what Inklings Children’s Division has to say about the new anthology-

New Anthology Series Debuts:

The Perceptions Series will debut with volume one, Special Needs.  This new anthology series will feature topics of interest for children.  With stories and poems from a variety of wonderful children’s authors, the first book explores issues in living with disabilities.  As always in the children’s division, the book will include discussion questions and extension activities to enhance the reading.

This volume is a fabulous resource for educators and parents. Please check it out!

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Comic Book Review- Ms. Marvel

When a strange terrigen mist descended upon Jersey City, Kamala Khan was imbued with polymorph powers. Using her new abilities to fight evil and protect Jersey City, she became the all-new Ms. Marvel!

So…I like comics now.

I never gave them a fair shot before, I admit. My brother was the comic book nerd, not me. A few years ago, my sons inherited some of his Spiderman comics. Recently, I picked one up and thought, ‘Spiderman’s my favorite, why haven’t I read this yet?’ So I did. And it was so fun! But so short! Word bubbles, art, witty banter (love that Spidey attitude), and lots of ridiculous action. But it’s over pretty fast. Oh well. There’re definitely worse things than a quick story with cool pictures.

Ms. Marvel is a reboot of sorts. The original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, had a quite active existence in the Marvel universe. I did some research and here’s what stuck out to me about her—she started out in the Air Force, joined the C. I. A., was captured by  the KGB, took a position at NASA, fell in love with Captain Marvel who made her a Kree-human hybrid, worked as a feminist writer for the Daily Bugle, 52d97cc64c223_320773bfought lots of bad guys, was manipulated and seduced by a stalker named Marcus who impregnated her with a child who grew up into, uh, Marcus (?),  lost her memories after Rogue accidentally absorbed too much of her power, was rescued by Spider-Woman, fixed by Professor X, confronted the Avengers for abandoning her, turned into an alcoholic, joined AA, got better, and eventually turned down Captain America’s offer of membership in the new Avengers team.   

The new Ms. Marvel is a second-generation Pakistani-American high school student. She’s a nerdy high school girl who never felt like she fit in. She experiences boy-drama, deals with pressure from her family, school, and faith leaders. Kamala is a fangirl. She runs a website called Her thz1a7fjtjfavorite word is definitely ‘awesome.’ Oh, and her superhero schedule is quite full.

School, Avengers, my regular bi-weekly dungeon group in Ancient Scrolls Online…it’s all great, but it’s what Abu would call a problem of plenty. And the thing about a problem of plenty is…it’s still a problem.

-001, Ms. Marvel, 2016

Her powers are interesting. She’s an Inhuman with polymorphic abilities. She can stretch, expand, or compress her entire body or parts into any shape, has an accelerated healing factor which makes her extremely hungry and fatigued. Her body emits a bioluminescence when she uses her powers. Kamala can alter her physical appearance to mimic inanimate objects or other people. She’s vulnerable to EMPs and needs a special biokinetic polymer (super snot) suit that’s damaged by exposure to water.

One of my favorite volumes is 007: 2016. Ms. Marvel has an unexpected sidekick—Wolverine. He’s a totally miserable grouch and she’s, well, a giddy fangirl who says ‘awesome’ a lot. They beat up a massive alligator in the sewers of Jersey City and save the day. At least, for now.


I highly recommend Ms. Marvel for younger teen girls, but also for all the adolescent boys out there. This girl is complicated in all the right ways. She’s anything but shallow, an everyday hero with real-life issues who learns how to balance her superhero activities and risks with her regular life. It doesn’t always work out. Teens can totally relate to her struggles, even if they can’t relate to shrinking to the size of a grasshopper. We all have battles to fight. Teens of faith may find Kamala especially relatable because they understand what it’s like to maintain question certain standards and question traditions that other students may not consider at all.

Well, I’m addicted.

Now I have a growing collection of female superhero comics—Spiderwoman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Wonder Woman. (Feminist Confession Time– I have a soft spot for the Silver Surfer. But that means I can include the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four in my Tour of Women Superheroes!)

Find Ms. Marvel and become a comic addict.



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The God Of High School Football

  “Shouldn’t athletes be less clumsy?  He practically knocked you over!” I reply, attempting to bring Kayla back to reality and insult the god of high school football all at the same time.

“I know, I know . . . you think he’s just a dumb jock.  But he is one hot dumb jock.  He’s the quarterback—“

  “—with a heart of gold,” I finish.

On The Outward Appearance by D. Marie Prokop


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