Chapter One Excerpt

Mr. Reynolds still held no expression on his pale face as he deftly handed the computer pad over to his superior. The doctor took it and promptly touched the screen to open the file. The holographic image of Ainsling Anne Reid, age 16, appeared before them.
A slender, blond teenage girl with a dozen or so freckles painted boldly on her ivory face grinned self-consciously and gave an awkward giggle. She held up a small hand, as white as her face, and waved wildly at him.
“Hi, I’m Ainsling!”
She spoke cheerfully, full of optimism. The clip repeated. Reynolds, of course, gave no further comment. Dr. Griffin’s eyes studied the replicated miniature image of Ainsling and he smiled slowly. He clicked the device off and gave a full grin to Reynolds.
“She is quite spirited… but only I can make her a spirit.”

(From Chapter One, “The Girl Meets Boy”)


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