Summary Using Chapter Titles

This is the story of when The Boy Meets Girl. The Chick believes in the old legend of The Red StringThe Lessons she learns with and without The Good Boy are all part of The Cure.  The Loss is great until The Remnant finds him. The Device is both a blessing and a curse. The Mission to rescue the girls goes well until someone makes The Mistake, which is followed by The Prayer we’ve all prayed at one time or another. The Withdrawal symptoms are bad, but distraction comes from The Kiss and The Dream, which is followed by the command to save The Scar-faced ManThe Monster is discovered. The Guardian’s Message says “You are special.” The Stranger is strange.  The Road Trip to get to The Reunion brings The Punishment foreshadowed in The Plan.  But The Trigger of The Laughter is discovered before The Letters are read and The Question is asked. At the end, we know who The Guardian is and are left in suspense following The Epilogue.

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