What writing can give you…

After many late nights, crossed eyes, neglected family members, and edit after edit, “The Red String” has made its way to CreateSpace and Amazon.com!!!

Am I excited? Yes! Am I scared? Yes!

Cover of "Bird by Bird: Some Instructions...

Cover via Amazon

Excited to see a dream come true and scared that it was all in vain.  Of course, in my heart of hearts I know that no dream is dreamed in vain. So, whether the book never sells or if it miraculously makes a best seller list, I am satisfied.

The author, Anne Lamott, in her book on writing, ‘Bird by Bird’ says, “Writing can give you what having a baby can give you: it can get you to start paying attention, can help you to soften up, can wake you up. But publishing won’t do any of those things: you’ll never get it in that way.”

Amen, sister!

So, hey, if you want to purchase it, go for it! Either way, this author is one happy gal. I have a new baby helping me to see life in a new way. And life is good.

“The days are dark, the ocean surrounds.  My fate is unseen, my fate is not ground.  For God orders all, I am just a mist, hovering still, waiting for bliss.  The dark hides me well, my heart longs for light.  I live by this creed- it is all for the bright!”






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