Excerpt from “The Red String” —

Ainsling stood up slowly from the wheelchair and walked over to her new doctor. She had tears in her eyes.
Her thin arms reached out to him and she gave him a strong hug. The doctor grasped her arms and gently pried them off. He leaned over and looked at her with his hypnotic gold-flecked eyes and said assuredly,
“Ainsling, I will cure you. After all, if nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. Do you want to be a butterfly, Ainsling?”
She looked up at him and said with conviction,
“Yes, more than anything.”

There is an old Chinese story entitled “The Butterfly Lovers” containing two ill-fated characters named Liang and Zhu. It is the “Romeo and Juliet” Chinese equivalent story, with the Asian twist of regeneration. In the end, though the lovers can’t be together in life, after death they are transformed into butterflies. Whenever I see a pair of butterflies, I think of this story. Sometimes NOT getting what you want can lead to wondrous endings. Read “The Red String” to find out if the Doctor fulfills his promise of turning Ainsling into a butterfly and what that truly entails…




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