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Let the Countdown begin!


Grab “The Red String” now!

Let the Countdown begin!

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I’ve Got Love- Dillon Chevalier

I’ve had the honor of meeting Dillon (a high school science teacher by day) and have been dying to put one of his beautiful, endearing songs on the soundtrack category for “The Red String.” Almost all of them would be apropos. Like Liang from the novel, Dillon’s a good boy and a musician.
This is a cute homemade video of Dillon at home, singing his heart out and playing the mandolin, but don’t be fooled Dillon is an amazing talent. Hang in till the end; there’s dancing… (Plus, the girl on the couch is the splitting image of “Lisa” in my mind’s eye, anyway…)

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I heard this song on the Under the Radar podcast. ( I searched high and low for a video or even a link to listen to it, but was unsuccessful. Andrew Osenga is truly keeping this one “under the radar.”

The song was written for the record “Crooked Creek Songs,” an album for Young Life. This song is specifically for teens going through very real problems at home, but we can all relate to the line “I’m in need of a rescue.” “The Red String” is all about rescues. It’s what the Guardian does best.

I did find the lyrics…


by Andrew Osenga

the light was red but he didn’t stop
it hit me by surprise
I was shattered glass, all busted up
I never saw it coming
I thought he was one of the good guys

it’s hard to breathe with a broken heart
or a dagger in your back
it’s tough enough to trust someone
when love has left me bleeding
from the fatal wounds of a sneak attack

I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
does anybody hear me?
I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
save me, somebody, save me

I can’t take the heat in my own house
the doorknob’s glowing red
there’s a fire downstairs I can’t put out
a marriage turns to ashes
with the he said and the she said

I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
does anybody hear me?
I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
save me, somebody, save me

but my jagged journey’s brought me here
where I can start to see this clearly
what I need is someone near me
who loves me
truly loves me
who will break into this darkness
and carry me to light

I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
I know you hear me
I’m in need of a rescue
in need of a rescue now
save me, save me

WARNING- Contents are Fun!

Not every book has chapter titles, but I never debated titling mine. It was…fun! Each chapter is, in essence, a story. Writing 28 stories which weave together into the larger story, “The Red String,” was a wonderful adventure for me and, I hope, for the reader. “The Red String,” after all, is not only about, well- red string. There are many themes, characters, and conflicts to resolve. Sometimes titling a chapter gave me focus and parameters in which to confine the theme or development at hand.

I was more familiar with writing song lyrics or poems before writing “The Red String.” In a song, there are verses, a chorus, and possibly a bridge to format.  Each contributes to the whole, but serves a separate purpose. It may be the songwriter in me that led to my being so enamored with titles. I also enjoy the way it gives the reader an enticement to continue. I tried to keep them vague, yet appropriate.

Whatever the reason, I hope my readers will appreciate the time and effort of adding this extra touch. It was…fun!



1 The Boy Meets Girl

2 The Chick

3 The Red String

4 The Lessons

5 The Good Boy

6 The Cure

7 The Loss

8 The Remnant

9 The Device

10 The Mission

11 The Mistake

12 The Prayer

13 The Withdrawal

14 The Kiss and the Dream

15 The Scar-faced Man

16 The Monster

17 The Guardian’s Message

18 The Stranger

19 The Road Trip

20 The Reunion

21 The Punishment

22 The Plan

23 The Trigger

24 The Laughter

25 The Letters

26 The Question

27 The Guardian


“Lovers in a Dangerous Time”

“She is quite spirited… but only I can make her a spirit.”


Reynolds looked ashamed.

“I did it for love,” he responded simply, causing Mark to be thoroughly confused.

“Love? Are you crazy?”


Despite her hopeless state, Li had shown her what love does- always believes, constantly hopes, never leaves.

The Red String

“Lovers in a Dangerous Time” by the superb Canadian singer/songwriter, has been one of my all time favorite songs for over a decade. I would like to proclaim it as my life’s theme, but alas, my own ‘kicking at the darkness’ falls short of what I aspire to. As a person of faith, I attribute this love I have in my heart, an unexplainable love, a misunderstood love, as a love that comes from something bigger than myself.  These dangerous times cry out for that kind of love. The story, “The Red String” is one way I can demonstrate the beauty of this kind of love- love that always believes, constantly hopes, and never leaves.

Bruce Cockburn has been singing this song since 1983. Some of you weren’t even born yet. I was a mere 8 years old at the time. That was the year I gave my heart to someone bigger than myself- the One who created love, the One who is love. I was a “spirit open to the thrust of grace.” Are you?

An interesting factoid… is that Bono of U2 has used this in a song on the ‘Rattle and Hum’ album on the song ‘God Part II’: “heard a singer on the radio late last night says he’s gonna kick the darkness till it bleeds daylight”. Of course Bruce Cockburn is credited for his contribution to the song.

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Motivation is key…

Since I am feverishly typing away on the second volume of the Days of the Guardian series, I have to cowardly share an article instead of typing away even more by deviating from my current tightly wound and singularly focused thoughts…

Writers and fellow NaNo-ers, you will enjoy this! Remember to keep writing!!!