WARNING- Contents are Fun!

Not every book has chapter titles, but I never debated titling mine. It was…fun! Each chapter is, in essence, a story. Writing 28 stories which weave together into the larger story, “The Red String,” was a wonderful adventure for me and, I hope, for the reader. “The Red String,” after all, is not only about, well- red string. There are many themes, characters, and conflicts to resolve. Sometimes titling a chapter gave me focus and parameters in which to confine the theme or development at hand.

I was more familiar with writing song lyrics or poems before writing “The Red String.” In a song, there are verses, a chorus, and possibly a bridge to format.  Each contributes to the whole, but serves a separate purpose. It may be the songwriter in me that led to my being so enamored with titles. I also enjoy the way it gives the reader an enticement to continue. I tried to keep them vague, yet appropriate.

Whatever the reason, I hope my readers will appreciate the time and effort of adding this extra touch. It was…fun!



1 The Boy Meets Girl

2 The Chick

3 The Red String

4 The Lessons

5 The Good Boy

6 The Cure

7 The Loss

8 The Remnant

9 The Device

10 The Mission

11 The Mistake

12 The Prayer

13 The Withdrawal

14 The Kiss and the Dream

15 The Scar-faced Man

16 The Monster

17 The Guardian’s Message

18 The Stranger

19 The Road Trip

20 The Reunion

21 The Punishment

22 The Plan

23 The Trigger

24 The Laughter

25 The Letters

26 The Question

27 The Guardian



8 thoughts on “WARNING- Contents are Fun!

  1. Hello! I found your blog when you “liked” mine and started to follow! thanks! I followed the link to the Kindle of Red Thread and read the excerpt. Intriguing! Very well-developed characters. Can’t wait to read more. Gail


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