Knitting from “The Red String”

“Also, she had become addicted to a very unusual drug- knitting. She blamed Nurse Cheng for that. One day, she was walking through the atrium area of a hospital wing and noticed Nurse Cheng teaching another patient how to wrap a string around a needle, slide it down, create a loop, and then slide it off. She moved along loop by loop, magically creating fabric. Ainsling was fascinated by it, so she begged Nurse Cheng to teach her too.  Now she was addicted! Scarves, blankets, hats, and even socks were in abundance in their tiny apartment, created by the skilled movement of her own two hands.”

-from “The Red String” Chapter 2- “The Chick” 

I love to knit. And crochet. And spin. It’s very addictive. I was compelled to include knitting in my novel somehow- especially with a title like, The Red String!” So, not only did I make one character a knitter, I created three knitters !!! It’s the least I can do. (And it’s simpatico with the theme…)

Here are some connections, inspirations, and knitting-related excerpts…

“Where did you get this blanket?” an older woman asked with a shocked tone in her voice. He wondered if she thought he had stolen it. Imagining how strange he looked with a loudly colored blanket wrapped around him, he was embarrassed.
“What? This? My friend made it.” He hesitated before the word ‘friend,’ but decided there was no better word. To his surprise, the lady suddenly smiled wide.
“I think we have the same friend,” she said and pulled out her scarf to full length. It was a variation on a similar kaleidoscope of yarns constructed in the same mitered squares pattern. They looked like fraternal samples of the same patchwork quilt.

-from Chapter Five- “The Good Boy”

Modern Quilt Wrap pattern link-

“Li followed the woman for a few blocks and found himself in an old store that had walls loaded with displays of yarn. It was spilling out from every crevice. The nurse led him over to a whole wall dedicated to the color red. Fuzzy rouge red mohair, shiny ruby silk, and warm, russet red wool were waiting to be touched and knitted into something special. Ellen smiled at his eyes widening, taking it all in.
“Look, Li. It’s a whole wall of ‘destiny’ red! Let me buy one for you. I have a little left in my budget,” she said, glancing at her hand which contained her chip.
She helped him pick out a soft cotton and wool blend. He’d never purchased yarn before, so he was glad she was there.”

-from Chapter Five- “The Good Boy”

The yarn Ellen buys for Li from the wall of “destiny red” is a cotton/wool blend. This is in homage to one of my favorite yarns (from my husband’s home state of Nebraska) Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

Maybe you like knitting too. Maybe you should try it and see…

“Should I teach you something now?” she asked playfully.
“What? Knitting? Please!” He rolled his eyes.
“Oh, yeah, you probably couldn’t do it anyway,” she said, prodding at his ego.
“Fine- if it’ll get you to be quiet and stop asking me annoying questions- I’ll do it. Once.”
Ainsling smiled mischievously to herself.

-from Chapter Four- “The Lessons”


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