“The Red String” Reviews!

This post is all about tooting my own horn.
I am a satisfied writer. “The Red String” is my first novel and I honestly feel I did my best.  Of course, I am certain there are many ways in which I can improve. Writing fiction is quite subjective and there comes a point when an author has to accept their work despite what others say and only listen to criticism which is constructive and construct.
I learned this bit of knowledge during the editing process. If I couldn’t defend my reasoning against the criticism, it was open to change. For example, I almost made the engine room of the ship the setting for a pivotal conversation before being told that engine rooms are very loud places. But I kept Aaliyah‘s name despite the criticism that it was too unusual and I should change it. (I found the name from a list of popular baby names from the year the character would have been born, so I felt confident in keeping it- for all the Aaliyahs out there…)
Thank God for constructive criticism!
So far, the reviews online and in person of “The Red String” have been amazing. People often begin by telling me they couldn’t put it down. I absolutely love hearing that! It’s the best!
I wanted to share the online reviews with you...

October 30, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

I was hooked from the very beginning as events in Ainsling’ s life promised to change her world forever. The characters come alive in this high-tech medical futuristic novel with twists sprinkled throughout its pages. From the very beginning of this book, my interest was captured; my curiosity piqued. Great book, Ms. Prokop. I will be watching for the next one.
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase

Intrigue draws the reader in to the futuristic novel. It is imaginative, realistic and keeps moving through the pages – will be interested in reading further novels in this series too! Twists and turns kept the reader guessing – enjoyed the real characters within.

Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

A fast-paced read and hard to put down. A great first book for this new author. Could tell it was well researched. Looking forward to the next installment of this series!

December 12, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

Imaginative story of a distopian future where friendship is difficult and medical ethics are exchanged for potential financial advantage. Is hope stronger than a thin, red string? That’s the question. The plot takes a few twists along the way to keep the reader engaged. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the series. Good work from a new author.


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