I am NOT a Failure.

As I revise the second volume of my series, “The Red Cloak,” I am beginning to second, third and fourth guess my choices. Soon, the whole plot (which I already completely rewrote once) seems like garbage. Ugh. Writers- you already feel my pain. Readers- time for props to all your favorite writers. We suffer. Oh, how we suffer for you! As much as I know this too shall pass, it stinks being in the middle of the mire right now. Yes, the story isn’t perfect. It needs work. But- it will eventually reach okay-ness.

Somewhere in my battered notebook I have recorded the quote- “Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor…clutter is wonderfully fertile ground.” (Anne Lamott) These are much needed words today. I am knee-deep in clutter. Good thing I’m short.

Enjoy this video from my favorite YouTubers (not a type of potato)- Blimey Cow. If you only knew how much these guys put me to shame with their talent…I feel good being in their company of mutual self-doubt. We all feel it. There’s a devil on your shoulder, too…am I right?



6 thoughts on “I am NOT a Failure.

  1. Thank you so much for your post and this amazing video. I certainly have days that I feel like a failure… the difference now is that I am trying to remind myself is that failure isn’t this huge thing that most of us make it out to be. Failure is a very common thing we all go through and we even don’t fail as much as we think we do (like the video shows, maybe that’s just the guy in red with horns yelling in our ear). Even when we do fail at some things, the trick is to fail in a forward direction and not throw in the towel.

    Furthermore, we are not our failures. πŸ˜‰


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