What’s the book…

What’s the book about?”
“My book is a young adult action/adventure that takes place in the year 2053. Two teenagers meet at a Clinic for patients with epilepsy. One is a patient and one is a nurse. The doctor at the Clinic has a secret nefarious plan for the patient. Throughout the story, the two teens, (you know, the patient and the nurse?), well, they learn lessons of faith, fate, and free will. Plus, there’s kissing!”

 The Red String is a mish-mash of genres- YA, science fiction, dystopian, romance, visionary-metaphysical, you name it! When I meet people, we sometimes get around to the whole “I wrote a book” thing. Then they inevitably ask, “Oh! What’s your book about?” I think… and think… and think…and look like someone who can’t tie their own shoes, not someone who just spent 3 years of their life slaving away over a story and then had the audacity to publish it!

Instead of an instant answer, I wish I could give them a quiz first. 

1. Do you like adventures, science-fiction,romance or dystopian books best?

2. Do you love to read?

3. Do you have a spare hour for us to discuss everything from toothpaste to the intricacies of the universe? 

Once upon a time, I promised myself I would write out a very short summary (I’ve written them for publishing purposes, after all) and memorize it.  So I did. And…on paper, it’s okay, but out loud? Well…I sound like an infomercial announcer. Ugh! So, now I just try to decide quickly which aspect of the story they may be most drawn to and go from there. 

It’s a bit like sharing your faith, describing your new boyfriend to your parents, or explaining your day in detail to a complete stranger. I believe this must be a common irritation for writers. We write. (which is accompanied by editing, editing, editing) We don’t necessarily verbalize well. We need a script, right? Hey, I admit- I do! 

So, I still plan to memorize that summary…and work on my British accent… ‘Cause, let’s face it- everything sounds better if you say it with a British accent! Wish me luck!


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