I was browsing the Grammys and noticed there was a song called “Invisible” and, despite my initial recoil of the artist and genre, I gave it a chance. It was a perfect fit for “The Red String” soundtrack. The song highlights the topic of bullying, but also is an anthem for outcasts. Hunter Hayes performs this debut song (kinda brave, I admit), with quotes by people such as John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Johnny Depp, and Pink written on a huge blackboard in the background. You know how I love quotes…
Here’s a pic of the Pink quote, which sounds parallel to the idea of the red string…if the red string was a tree, that is…

Breaking news- U2 is debuting their new song, “Invisible” in a commercial during the Super Bowl.  Apparently, not an original idea… (what is?) Can’t wait to hear it!


5 thoughts on ““Invisible”

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