What Happened on my Space Vacation…

Friends do stuff for each other. Not very eloquent, I know, but true. I’m doing this for my friend. (He didn’t even ask me to.) I am pleased to help spread the word that my friend, Ethan A. Cooper, would like to announce that his book, inspired by and co-created with his father before and during his father’s life with Parkinson’s disease, has now been published! It is a fanciful sci-fi tale entitled, What Happened on my Space Vacation. I love it already. Titles are tricky, but this one hints at a story which is fun, intriguing, and…space-y.

Here’s the book trailer on YouTube- http://youtu.be/XuFnn4gsJWE

I have been needing a sci-fi fix, so I ordered my copy today. I suggest, for those of you who have the same need for spaceships, galaxies far far away, and possibly a vacation, that you frequent the local-yet-not-local supplier- Amazon.com and get your fix, too!


Here’s a blog post from the author concerning the writing of the story, from its beginnings in his father’s mind, to the Nanowrimo draft, to the 13 revisions thereafter. It’s also an inspirational father-son testimonial to the power of creativity and posterity.

Here’s wishing you the best, Ethan!


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