My Book Cover Designer’s Website

My Book Cover Designer’s Website

I was very lucky to have my artsy brother, Michael Rode, design the cover work and do the typesetting for The Red String. He has been working on his personal art website, mostly consisting of chrome photography on metal prints, but also including some of his fiction work. It’s a little bit of awesome. If you are a motorcycle or car fanatic, you MUST check it out!

Here’s on of my faves-

1913 Harley

As a writer, I want to encourage you to read the blog portion of the site entitled, “5 for Fiction” where Mike writes 500 word fictional posts. Here’s an excerpt and link-

Let it snow. . .

Winter, with its snow, ice and wind chill is upon me. It hurts to move, it hurts not to move. I miss my bed already. Thankfully there is warm carpet until I get to the bathroom where cold linoleum waits, nevermind the icey toilet seat. That alerts my senses and wakes up my mind to start the day.


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