Origami for me, origami for you…

“As a little girl, her grandfather had taught her the art of origami. She picked up the paper and recognized the mountain and valley folds. Stan’s letter was written on a one-sided blue checked paper. In Chinese tradition, the color blue represents honor and faith. It can also represent a bond of the spirit. Aaliyah’s letter was green, which is the traditional color of healing, representing growth and strength

She sat down with the blue paper and began to recreate the folds. After a few minutes, Stan’s letter became a fish, traditionally a symbol of happiness and freedom. She smiled at the message within the paper the Guardian had given Stan – a faithful bond of the spirit of freedom.”

*How-to video of how to make an origami fish- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD7_27mSGdQ&feature=share&list=PL6C216758C46DADAE&index=32

“Aaliyah’s letter had once been folded into the form of a cat, the symbol of independence and of a strong protector. She smiled as she thought of how well this suited Aaliyah.”

*How-to video of how to make an origami cat- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QtQUt9O_bs

(Excerpts from Chapter 27 of The Red String)

Origami, the art of paper folding, has been around for centuries…and people have been tearing their hair out trying to learn how to do it for an equal amount of time. I won’t lie to you, origami is not for everyone. But everyone should try it once. Well, maybe twice…or at least until you want to beat your head against the wall or discover you have the gift, like Jo Nakashima in the how-to videos! (He’s truly amazing. Origami is magical to watch and accomplish.)

Let me know how it goes!


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6 thoughts on “Origami for me, origami for you…

  1. Lovely – and great to see the colour symbolism coming into it as well. If I weren’t a member of the ‘Two left hands and several left feet’ brigade, I’d be in like a shot and having a go at this!


  2. Interesting. Thanks for liking my post “Reader to Writer: The Power Shift.” I was wondering, did you self publish or go the more traditional route?

    Best regards,


    • I self-published. It was the best route for me. This is my first novel, I’m stingy, and I’m a control-freak. Plus, I had a professional designer who volunteered to work on it for free and I enjoy editing. Otherwise, I may have tried to go the traditional route, but I felt it wasn’t necessary for me at this time.


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