Rubbing Shoulders with Jim Butcher

Rubbing Shoulders with Jim Butcher

Last year, I went to the Space City Con in Houston. While waiting in line for the Star Trek panel to finish so we could go in for the Jim Butcher Writing Seminar, “Making Things Blow Up,” a bunch of us got chatting. Little did we know the man himself, Jim Butcher- was amongst us- until this one guy mentioned having fanboy nerves the first time he met his hero, Stan Lee. Then he said, “It was surreal- I sat right beside Stan Lee on a panel at Comic-Con,” letting the cat out of the bag… We all got giddy and, with stars in our eyes, took turns for photos and/or autographs. (In true Murphy’s Law fashion, I left his book in the car thinking there was no way I’d get the chance to ask him to sign it- doh!) Jim is one cool dude/author/person.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoy Jim’s writing (I can call him Jim now, right?), but I bet you’d rather hear some of his writing advice instead. This guy did it the conventional way, and it paid off in the end. I believe his massive amount of talent also played a part, needless to say, when this guy talked- I listened. And took notes. Here’s a snippet-

On writing scenes- 4. Setback- will your protagonist succeed? a. Yes (BORING) b. Yes, but…(Better) c. No (Even better) d. No, and furthermore…(BEST)

As you can see, Jim’s books contain a lot of complicated setbacks. And I read them like an addict. I am always mad at Jim Butcher because he is so good at this! Anyway, here’s my brush with greatness. And, to be frank, I really hate my hair in this pic, but I am putting it out for the world to see anyway. Dedication, my friends, dedication.
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5 thoughts on “Rubbing Shoulders with Jim Butcher

  1. Serendipity, obviously. Point #4 (Setback) sounds a bit like my life for that last few years. Cool photo – that beats an autograph by a country mile.

    I can see that I am going to have to grow my hair long and have a beard if I am to have any success at this writing thing. };-)>


  2. Wow! I use his approach to writing scenes all the time (and yes, I got it from him. Not smart enough to come up with that on my own!). Love it. I would never have been able to meet him without going all Fan-Girl (or, I fear, accidentally calling him ‘Harry Dresden’). Sigh….


    • He was the most “normal” famous person ever. He was the same guy on stage as he was just hanging out with us. I have royally embarrassed myself before when meeting a “hero,” and then learned to just be normal because they are just a person anyway. Jim is a really fun guy who happens to be a successful author.


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