Review: What Happened On My Space Vacation

What Happened On My Space Vacation
What Happened On My Space Vacation by Ethan A. Cooper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I find that science fiction novels are less about science and more about the human condition. This belief holds true for this novel. The majority of the plot takes place in space and on a spaceship, but the characters’ struggles, triumphs, and connections are what make the reading worthwhile. (Of course, there is still plenty of sci-fi nerdy goodness.)
This is essentially a story about family. And, what a family! Dad is secretly a government agent. Mom has a few surprises of her own, but is both hot and intelligent. They are deliriously in love- to the embarrassment of their children, Max and Holiday, who exhibit the usual teenage level of disgust by their parents’ very public displays of affection.
Max and his younger sister Holiday fight and bicker like any siblings, but deep down, they admire each other quite a bit. And with good reason. Max is a protective brother and a blooming artist with a rather shallow, but pretty girlfriend and Holiday is an extraordinarily intelligent girl obsessed with a show called Quantum Girl!!!
When faced with the sudden changing of his vacation from Wilderness Camp with his girlfriend to a Space flight to the moon with his little sister and his parents, Max eventually swallows his disappointment and tries to be positive- out of love for his family. Little does he know that his struggle with his attitude is nothing compared with the challenges ahead.
Their happy family vacation is interrupted by a hijacking, and Max and Holiday need each other’s support and skills in order to survive and rescue their parents. Holiday reveals a surprising skill that comes in handy, which along with her quick mind and episodic inspiration from Quantum Girl!!!, save the day. Max must combat not only the bad guys, but also his fear, presenting itself in paralyzing panic attacks which began months ago after experiencing a terrible trauma.
The characters are real and inspirational- Max is a normal teenage boy. Though they are hard to understand generally, I feel closer now. Holiday is not normal, but totally lovable and sympathetic. I only hope my own kids will find a common ground like Max and Holiday, and will also learn the importance of loving your family and relying on them for help.
It isn’t too surprising to learn that this novel was a family affair. Inspired by an idea his father had before his diagnosis with Parkinson’s, illustrated by his brother, this loving husband and father of three kids does them all proud.
Here’s your invitation to a rocket trip full of fun, adventure, fear, and courage. Put on your spacesuits and tighten your space belts, kids- this story is definitely worth sacrificing Wilderness Camp with your girlfriend for…

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