The Writing Head Game

I call this the “where’s my super-suit?” approach…

writing Young Adult fiction

rock This is the rock that Claire gave me.

MFAC is over. Now the writing is supposed to begin. I haven’t worked on my young adult novel since this summer when I wrote the first six chapters. During the Fall, I took a poetry class, and mostly wrote sad adult poems about the Titanic. Therefore, I don’t exactly remember what happened in those six chapters. I have 40 pages of writing due at the end of February, and it took two glasses of wine just to convince myself to read what I’ve already got.

This is my biggest writing problem: the head game.

Should I write now? Am I in the right mood? First though, I should pick up my office, organize the files on my computer, or clean the blinds with q-tips. Etc. 

At the Hamline MFAC, Claire Rudolf Murphy taught a Writing Life lecture. She’s a spunky children’s…

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