Writing Inspiration- Character Doppelgangers

When I first started writing The Red String, I joined the National Novel Writing Month regional group near me. We met once a week for write-ins during November. One of the writers I befriended made a habit of finding a doppelganger for her imaginary characters. I thought it was a cool idea, so I found some!

Here’s my doppelgangers for…

Liang Griffin (Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu)

Ainsling Reid (British actress Hannah Spearrit)

Ellen Cheng (S. Korean actress Yoon Yoo Sun)

The Captain (CSI actor Robert David Hall)

Dr. Jay Griffin (Politician Mitt Romney)

Stanley Reynolds (British actor Martin Freeman)

Aaliyah (Actress Nicole Beharie)

You can get a good sense of my television watching habits from these choices also. I enjoy everything from Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas, and British shows, to some good old American murder-mystery and medical dramas. Please don’t assume anything about my politics from this list. Some people just look the part. =)

I wonder if any other writers use doppelgangers to inspire them, either for their physical or character traits…do you?



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