Finding Liberty

“Don’t let an E.C.C.O. agent hear you say that! ‘Seek freedom and become captive to your desires’, remember? We finished that lesson yesterday. That’s why the people led all those riots and even murdered the President. Freedom is very dangerous,” she replied fearfully.

“Maybe. But what if it’s worth it?

The inspiration for this conversation from Chapter 5 of The Red String, Vol. 1 of the Days of the Guardian series,  comes from Frank Herbert, the author of the classic science fiction novel, Dune.  Of course, the quote is not complete and taken out of context by the warped educational system of the Days of the Guardian world. Here’s the original quote . . .

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.”

Frank Herbert

On September 11, Americans think a bit more about freedom and liberty. We feel dependent on a government to initiate this, but I suggest we look inside. After all, we must live our beliefs from the inside out.

Freedom and discipline in balance is a worthy goal.

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