Here is my interview with D. Marie Prokop

Thanks, Miss Fiona, for taking the time to interview me!



Name- D. Marie Prokop

Age- 39

Where are you from-

I’m originally from historic (or pre-historic, if you can still read the faded spray paint) Mercersburg, Pa. (the birthplace of James Buchanan- the only President from Pa.) I’ve also lived in Arkansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. But I have lived in Texas for the past 13 years. (Longview and Houston)

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc –

I am a middle child. My two brothers are artistic also. My older brother writes science fiction and fantasy as a hobby, and has a condition similar to Asperger’s. My younger brother is the visual artist and has a degree in Art from Penn State. I was the musical one and decided to go to John Brown University, a Christian college, for Music Education. I moved to Lincoln, Ne. after two years at JBU and dropped out of college…

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