My NaNoWriMo Prep Month List

  1. Research like crazy. Reserve books at the library, watch You Tube videos that will cause uniformed officers to come knocking on my door, and dive head-first into Wikipedia.
  2. Write down every flipping thought related to the possibilities to come. No, this is not an outline. That comes later . . . maybe.
  3. Blog about it. (Check.)
  4. Update NaNo page info and pray there’s a writing group in my area this year. I love writing support/counseling. Order a NaNo 2014 T-shirt– but don’t wear it yet. Use it as a reward.
  5. Do every worksheet recommended to ensure I don’t have a character with green eyes in book one, brown eyes in book two, and then blue eyes in book three. (Every trilogy writer’s nightmare.)
  6. Take both cars to the grocery store and fill them to the brim. Cross my fingers that 4 gallons of milk fits in the fridge and 4 pounds of coffee beans don’t fall out of the over-stuffed pantry every time I open it. Getting groceries eats up valuable writing time.
  7. Finish the season of Reign I’ve been watching on Netflix and read the end of Champion by Marie Lu.
  8. Clear my calendar of all unnecessary events for the month of November. Thanksgiving at a Chinese restaurant? Why not?
  9. Deep-clean the house. Save my money for bribing the kids to maintain some semblance of cleanliness.
  10. Finally, make an outline. Come December, it’ll make me laugh like a drunk hyena.


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