A Good Yarn…The Red String Yarn!

 From sheep to shawl. . .The Red String yarn transforms. Watch the process!


Freshly carded roving. I used BFL wool and red sari silk.

Thanks to my friend, Julia W., who let me use her drum carder to make this fluffy goodness!

Freshly spun singles

Freshly spun singles . . .

(Spun on my Babe’s Spinning Wheel.)

I knitted the shawl on size 5 needles. Pattern is improvised.

Butterfly stitch for The Butterfly Lovers

Right off the needles…wibbly wobbly.


The Butterfly Stitch- for The Butterfly Lovers.


The Feather and Fan Stitch looks like waves!

 Sometimes you need a rescue.


Steam-blocked and ready- here’s the finished shawl!

Rescues can come as a shoulder-warming shawl, right?


Discover the inspiration behind The Red String yarn!

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