The Red Cloak Kindle Release!


Just because you’ve been rescued, doesn’t mean you’re safe…



The voyage continues…

Led by the mysterious Guardian, Li Griffin and his girlfriend Ainsling Reid, along with the other passengers aboard The New Remnant, remain united in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate the oppressed citizens of Sector One. The malevolent forces of the Economic Crisis Containment Office remain undeterred.

Just because you’ve been rescued…

As Li struggles to cope with the shadow of his past and the weight of discovering the Guardian’s true identity, he must also work to uncover a new threat—one that lurks onboard The New Remnant itself.

Ainsling has her own demons to face. Stricken with epileptic seizures, she was implanted with a device that cured her…and granted her a unique power. But using her power to help others comes at a great personal cost. As Ainsling wrestles with finding her role on The New Remnant, can she find a way to fulfill the Guardian’s impossible mission without surrendering to rage, depression, and fear?

Doesn’t mean you’re safe.

In The Red Cloak, the Guardian makes an unbelievable request. The red string of fate between Li and Ainsling is strong, but it twists and tangles as the pain of the past refuses to stay buried.

Find The Red Cloak on Amazon now!

A special thanks to the WordPress community for all their support and encouragement! I’m happy to share this good news with all of you because you have been so very kind. This is a story of love, grace, and redemption. Though the genre is YA science fiction adventure, it has something for everyone.  (It even has knitting in it.)  So, check it out!

*News*  The print version is in the works and will be out very soon. The Thanksgiving holidays in the States is putting it a bit off schedule, but it should be out in early December. I may have to express mail that proof copy…

Remember to leave a review if you purchase and read The Red Cloak!  Reviews are gold. Thanks again!


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