Mad About God Book Review

“Honesty. This is the start of healing…but life is unfair, the world is selfish, and many of us will limp to the finish line…”

J. S. Park is mad. He asks the questions we all ask, those tough questions that Christians loathe to discuss in polite circles, most of which begin with the word “why” as we choke on our tears. He boldly proposes that sometimes these age-old existential inquiries may never be answered- and that even the answers wouldn’t satisfy us.

A self-proclaimed cynic, Park is raw in his conjectures, humanizing pain and suffering, leaving no room for sentimentality or gloss. He allows pain the respect it demands. There are no pat answers to the questions pain stirs up. Park doesn’t even try to explain away or sermonize suffering. From the unfairness of cancer to the self-induced repercussions of sin, Park rounds the bases and shines light on all the variants of suffering. His conclusions? Sometimes pain just hurts and there is no good reason. And sometimes the questions raised by pain force us to discover who we are and what we really believe. And, most importantly…

…pain forces us to search for a light in the darkness. We search for someone who desires to fight the dragons alongside us, not merely a rescuer, but a redeemer. Pastor Park suggests there is someone who fills that position perfectly- Jesus. Pain may not always have a purpose, but we never need to suffer alone. Jesus, our volunteer companion, isn’t ignorant to our plight. He dove headfirst into the human condition and suffered as one of us. Suffered to death.

God is mad too. In “Mad About God,” Park asks us to consider joining forces and be mad WITH God, to raise our voices to shout against the dark.

“What are we holding onto Sam?”
“That there’s some good in this world, Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

“Mad About God” is a must-read for anyone searching for a light in the darkness, for those who demand honesty, and for humans in general.

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