Invisible And Dim!

He suddenly realized what those lines meant. He straightened up abruptly and said, “You took out your chip? Do you realize what that means? You may as well be dead!

Li watched as the man raised one eyebrow and gazed down at his palm, examining it like a palm reader. He noticed the man start to smile slightly, one side of his face crinkling like cracked leather.

“Or invisible,” the Captain finally responded. “O for that night, when I in him, might live invisible and dim!

Li stared at him dumbfounded.

“Ever study poetry? That’s “>Henry Vaughan. Good stuff. Look, Li- on this ship, we are all in the same boat, both literally and figuratively. Everyone on this ship has had their chip taken out. We are not part of that world anymore. We’re free.”

“>The Red String, Chapter 7, The Loss

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