Timebound by Rysa Walker Book Review

“It’s blue,” I repeated. I’d never seen anything more vividly blue in my life.

She shrugged. “I don’t understand the physics of it. But I have only known a few dozen people in my life who really see this light, and each of us sees it a bit differently.”

Time travel makes great fodder for sci-fi writers and readers. We. Love. It. Timebound plays together well in the time travel playground. The story takes this oft-abused trope and makes it unique by adding delightful flavors, such as: a genetic predisposition for time travel discovered by scientists in the future leading to people having time travel gifts detected in their DNA and recognized before birth. These rare few are trained to become historians, working for CHRONOS.  They travel back in time to listen in on history and record what really happened. A delightful flavor indeed.

Though genetics may determine your job in the future (don’t expect this tech until at least 2200), it cannot deter bad intentions. The bitter flavor added by the author comes in the form of the antagonist, a megalomaniac working for CHRONOS who starts going back in time with his own agenda. He forms a religion. In a bold parallel to some real world religious organizations, his “church” is wealthy and has many dedicated followers with apocalyptic, “we are the chosen ones” beliefs—due to the predictions and prophetic anomalies fashioned by this one man—the rogue time traveler. He also has murdered his wife, a CHRONOS employee, in another timeline. He needs to be stopped.

A cool medallion brings a mysterious, tangy flavor to the story. This pendant allows for time travel, but also protects time travelers from disappearing in alternate time lines. Yeah, it’s pretty complex. But it works for the novel. Just go with it…

Kate, the main character, is challenged to stop the rogue’s evil plans by going back to key points in certain timelines and stopping specific things from ever happening. There’s a whole “butterfly effect” danger feel to this decision. And—to make the whole story sweeter, there’s a boy. Two boys, actually. One will lose all memory of the main character if she is successful and one she knows and loves in another timeline altogether.

Mysterious, powerful medallions, historical spies from the future, a cult-like religious institution bent on dividing the sheep from the goats, and a very strange love triangle combine to show why Rysa Walker’s novel, Timebound, is worthy of being the Grand Prize Winner in the Amazon breakthrough Novel Award in 2013.

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