Historic Neuroscientists

There were already many revered neuroscientists throughout history. Ivan Pavlov became famous for his study of behavior modification. He not only influenced science, but popular culture as well. People threw around the phrase “Pavlov’s dog” without even understanding the important contribution to neuroscience that had been made by Ivan Pavlov’s research.

Dr. Ben Carson made medical history by being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins, perilously linked by their heads. This surgical prodigy also made his mark in the field of epilepsy when he performed a hemispherectomy. Young children suffering from uncontrollable seizures were cured, though the risk of mental retardation was high. Hemispherectomy is a procedure which involves removing one half of the brain. This difficult procedure spurred the further study of epilepsy and seizures, to which Griffin was personally grateful to Dr. Carson for.

Sam Harris and David Eagleman used their knowledge of neuroscience in writing books. Sam Harris delved into philosophy, becoming an anti-religion icon. Both he and Mr. Eagleman, a Guggenheim Fellow and expert on time perception and synesthesia, became New York Times bestselling authors. Neuroscience was once a media darling. Griffin himself, as a young man, had been thoroughly enamored by its motley charms. He didn’t need much parental encouragement to follow in his father’s steps as a neuroscientist. It was what he always wanted to become.

Ben Carson, Sam Harris, David Eagleman, Ivan Pavlov… they were mere stepping stones. Amateurs. Dr. Jay Griffin would outdo them all.

The Red String, Chapter Six, The Cure


Quote of the Day- Frederick Beuchner

“A writer named Frederick Beuchner once said, Joy is a mystery because it can happen anywhere, anytime, even under the most unpromising circumstances, even in the midst of suffering, with tears in its eyes.

“Joy with tears?” Ainsling asked.  She sighed.

The Red Cloak, Chapter. 12, The Mystery of Joy


My First Book Reading!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to read an excerpt of The Baiji at a local bookstore this Saturday. Of course, I’m most nervous about mispronouncing the Chinese names of the characters.

Writers are usually introverts and I am no exception. This is a fabulous way for me to get out of my shell for two reasons. One) I love kids! Two) I love the story! It might sound arrogant, but it’s true. I believe this story is important. The Chinese River Dolphin is gone and will never come back. This is a mistake the whole world should learn from.

At the book reading/ signing, we’ll do fun stuff like apply temporary dolphin tattoos, eat some White Rabbit Creamy Candies, discover your Chinese name, and learn how you can help save other animals from extinction. I’m so excited! (Did I mention that yet?)

If you are in the NW Houston area, come to Copperfield’s Books in Spring anytime from 10-3 on Saturday, June 20. (Take a quick break from ApolloCon, my sci-fi friends…) The reading is at 11 am. Bring a child who loves animals and their best friend.

Remember the Baiji!

Here’s a fun way to help save an animal from extinction…

WWF Species Adoptions

Discover the story for yourself. The Baiji is on Amazon and Smashwords

Come to Copperfield’s Books on Saturday, July 11 to hear my new friend, Sandra Biersdorfer read her sweet children’s book for little ones, Nana’s Banana!


There Is Art To Medicine

Now it was her reality.  She could finally make a difference in this mixed-up world.  Science, a remarkable tool for the hurting, was also capable of monstrous abuse.  She had seen much abuse in her life.  Doctors had forgotten their patients were people.  Zoe held an old-fashioned view of medicine, best summed up by the Hippocratic Oath.

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

The Red Cloak, Chapter 2, The Memory


Writespace, Houston, TX

Houston is huge. There are a ton of writers here. It’s possible to be spaced two hours apart and still be considered fellow Houstonians. But sometimes the drive (and the traffic) is worth the hassle and time.

Writespace, a grassroots organization located between the Heights and the Theater District, was founded in April 2014. It supports local writers by offering workshops, readings, classes, and a space to write for writers of all genres.

On Saturday I’m making my inaugural trek to Writespace for a workshop on “How to Write Like Madeline L’Engle,” led by the director of Writespace, Elizabeth White-Olsen. I’ve been re-reading “A Wrinkle In Time” in preparation and am super excited about what I will learn about this fantastic author (one of my absolute faves!)

Writespace is celebrating its first year anniversary with an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds to provide even more support to writers. If you’re a Houstonian, consider utilizing this resource and giving a few bucks to continue spreading the love and knowledge of writing.

Does your town have a place or organization that supports local authors? Tell me about it!



there are no streets to walk on
no maps you can rely on
faith and guts to guide you
wander til you find you
only raw desire
a match to give you fire
you have to trust your heartyou don’t believe in oceans
you, you were a sailor
who burn your ship and walked on
far away you walked on
you keep turning inland
where no man is an island
it’s where you’re supposed to bewoah oh oh-oh-oh
woah oh oh-oh-oh
you keep heading inland
no man is an island
come on home to me

afraid of your convictions
they said the land will change you
steady your confession
your course make no corrections
when you are a stranger
hold your tongue and wager
love will set you free
until it sets you free


just follow your desire
leave it all
you’re leaving all
just burn it in the fire

everything you once knew
everyone that knew you
remove the shoes you came on
feel the earth you’re made from
pack up all your questions
just keep heading inland
come on home to me
yeah come on home to me


(i’ll always be here your side
i’m always standing next to you
when the darkness hits the light
we can stand against the tides
i’m always standing next to you
i’ll always be here your side)

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The Baiji Bottle- Make a Difference!

Just discovered these on Amazon!

downloadThe Baiji is one of the few large mammals to be declared extinct in our lifetime. When you purchase these water bottles, the company donates 10% of the profits to dolphin rescue and protection. The Goddess of the Yangtze may be functionally extinct, but there is still work to be done to help dolphins.

Spread the word. Share the book, The Baiji, with a child in your life.