My First Book Reading!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to read an excerpt of The Baiji at a local bookstore this Saturday. Of course, I’m most nervous about mispronouncing the Chinese names of the characters.

Writers are usually introverts and I am no exception. This is a fabulous way for me to get out of my shell for two reasons. One) I love kids! Two) I love the story! It might sound arrogant, but it’s true. I believe this story is important. The Chinese River Dolphin is gone and will never come back. This is a mistake the whole world should learn from.

At the book reading/ signing, we’ll do fun stuff like apply temporary dolphin tattoos, eat some White Rabbit Creamy Candies, discover your Chinese name, and learn how you can help save other animals from extinction. I’m so excited! (Did I mention that yet?)

If you are in the NW Houston area, come to Copperfield’s Books in Spring anytime from 10-3 on Saturday, June 20. (Take a quick break from ApolloCon, my sci-fi friends…) The reading is at 11 am. Bring a child who loves animals and their best friend.

Remember the Baiji!

Here’s a fun way to help save an animal from extinction…

WWF Species Adoptions

Discover the story for yourself. The Baiji is on Amazon and Smashwords

Come to Copperfield’s Books on Saturday, July 11 to hear my new friend, Sandra Biersdorfer read her sweet children’s book for little ones, Nana’s Banana!



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