“No, Li, this row should be all knitting, not purling. When you work in the round, the right side is always facing you. Some people dislike purling, so they knit everything in the round.”

“So, I have to undo all this?” Li looked up at Ellen in frustration. She responded by trying to make a joke.

”Do you know what knitters call it when they undo lots of stitches? ‘Frogging’- because they ‘rip-it, rip-it.’“ Li rolled his eyes as Ellen did a lame imitation of a frog’s ‘rib-bit.’

“I know, it’s silly. Look, we all make mistakes! Don’t get too upset about it. Knitters are always learning.” Li smirked as she continued, “Knitting, like many skills, has a way of keeping you humble.”

The Red String, Chapter 10, The Mission



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