Sneak Peek at The Red Knot

We are close to publication! Here’s another sneak peek of the last volume in the Days of the Guardian trilogy! The Red Knot will be released before December….stay tuned for the official date. If you want to catch up on the story, you can purchase copies of The Red String and The Red Cloak on Amazon. Today through Friday, November 20, The Red String is free on Kindle!

Here are the chapter titles for the upcoming novel, The Red Knot!


  1. The Vision
  2. The Prisoners
  3. The Red Knot
  4. The Destination
  5. The Bear, The Tapestry, and The Tree
  6. The Dream-Come-True
  7. The Apology and The Jerk
  8. The Announcement
  9. The Job
  10. The Pain of Wonder
  11. The Lifeline
  12. The Dinner Party
  13. The Sacred Disease
  14. The Fragrance Sermon
  15. The Golden Spiral
  16. The Miracle
  17. The Nightmare
  18. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
  19. The Very Simple Secret
  20. The Most Important Job
  21. The Bright
  22. The Invisible Woman
  23. The Guardian’s Touch
  24. The Invisible Man
  25. The Weapon
  26. The Recognition
  27. The Wedding


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