The Red Knot is in Print!

You can now purchase a real life paperback book of The Red Knot! Tell all your friends, and maybe some enemies…


“Don’t be afraid.”

In the final installment of the Days of the Guardian trilogy, The Red Knot, teenagers Li Griffin and Ainsling Reid must reconnect and come face-to-face with the Guardian. Only together can they conquer their foes, both inside and out. But connecting with the Guardian and each other will be more difficult than they ever imagined.

Li is sent to a secluded island to deliver a traitor and will finally meet the mysterious Guardian—the covert leader committed to rescuing the oppressed citizens of Sector One. But pain and disappointment fog Li’s vision.

Ainsling Reid embarks on her most important rescue mission yet—her mother. She returns to Sector One, where Noelle Reid is imprisoned, sentenced to death by the Economic Crisis Containment Office. Ainsling risks everything to save her mother and reunite her family.

Meanwhile, insidious forces attempt to tear apart the Guardian’s work. A crippled Dr. Griffin is contracted to create a new human weapon. A nefarious rebel faction is hunting down the Guardian. Doubt and fear invade the minds of the refugees aboard the Guardian’s ships.

Once, the power of joy redeemed Li and Ainsling. Now, the pain of tragedy threatens to unravel everything.

What is left to hold on to?


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