A Book Giveaway Contest on “Geeky Girls Knit” ~ Episode 177

Sometimes you just need to ask…

I am an avid knitter. It is a HUGE part of my life. So when I wrote my first book, I HAD to include knitting.

I am also a geek.

I discovered a knitting videocast called Geeky Girls Knit and I loved it. On this particular podcast, a mother/daughter pair, who are Americans living in the U.K., discuss the television shows, movies, and books they are into each week. We have quite similar tastes. So I emailed and asked if I could donate some books for prizes on their show. They said, “Yes.” They also said, “We read two of your books. We liked them.” So I humbly and promptly mailed some books and extra goodies to Scotland.

C.C. and her adorable daughter, Damaris, are hosting a Days of the Guardian Giveaway contest right now. If you’re a knitter, you’re probably already on Ravelry. To enter this giveaway, you need to join the Geeky Girls Knit group and find the Days of the Guardian thread. Then answer this question- What’s your favourite book series?

Hurry, knitters! The giveaway will end right after they record episode 179…

The prizes are… a signed copy of The Red String and a handknitted red hat (just like the one that the character Liang makes- except I made it.)    🙂

Writers, follow your instincts. Sometimes you just need to ask.

Thanks again, C.C. and Dami!

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