Mr. Perfect


Hey, Andrea!”

A toothy grin blinds me.  Ugh. Brad Davis, president of the Cougars for Christ Club and Mr. Perfect.  Brad is handsome, smart, and popular.  Teachers and parents adore him.  I think he’s boring and fake.

Kayla returns his blinding smile.  She considers Brad hot also.  At least he’s nice to her.  Of course, he’s nice to everybody.  But he doesn’t really care.

Oh crap. The retreat.

Kayla clears her throat in a vain attempt to make me feel guilty.  She’s bummed that I refused to go to some lame youth retreat with her this weekend.  My mother and my new step-father, Bob, are also disappointed. They were about to be outdone in their disappointment by this over-zealous Jesus-freak.

I bet there’s a prize for bringing the most people.

“It’s Anne, not Andrea,” I correct him.

–Excerpt from On The Outward Appearance by D. Marie Prokop

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