The Red Knot, Days of the Guardian, Vol. 3

The Guardian awaits…

After years of separation, Li Griffin journeys to a secluded island to meet the mysterious Guardian–the unseen leader committed to rescuing the oppressed citizens of Sector One. But the journey to the island is perilous, and Li will be tested like never before.

I see your pain.

Ainsling Reid has volunteered for her most important rescue mission yet—her mother. Deep in the heart of Sector One, Noelle Reid is held prisoner by the Economic Crisis Containment Office. Ainsling must risk everything to save her mother and reunite her family.

I understand your hurt.

But even as the followers of the Guardian come together, insidious forces work to tear them apart. The sociopathic Dr. Griffin is preparing to create a new human weapon. A nefarious rebel faction will stop at nothing to find the Guardian. Doubts and fears plague the voyagers aboard The New Remnant. Though joy saved Li and Ainsling before, the pain of tragedy threatens to unravel everything.

I see you.

In The Red Knot, the epic final installment of the Days of the Guardian trilogy, Li and Ainsling must make one last stand to conquer their foes, both inside and out.

Don’t be afraid.

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