Only With The Heart

One book in particular caught her eye.  The title had faded golden letters—The Little Prince.   She opened the thin volume and began reading.

It was a quirky children’s fantasy story, but Hani fell in love with the demure, charming, lost little prince from the very first page.  The narrator, a pilot who crashed his plane in the desert, befriends a stranger, a little golden-haired boy who claims he came from another planet.  The pilot listens as the prince tells him all about his planet and his special concern for a flower, the rose he has sworn to protect.

The little prince shares his deepest thoughts with the pilot, claiming grown-ups are too serious and miss what’s important.  The prince claims life is sometimes too mysterious to understand and one must accept both the mystery with the reality.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,” Hani read.


The Little Prince is now a Netflix Original Movie. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s fantastical tale is reimagined and retold for a new generation. I highly recommend reading the book. Its whimsical story is paired with original watercolor pictures drawn by the author, a celebrated French novelist, journalist, and pilot.

The movie attempts to depict to this imaginative story in a new way, but while beautiful on the screen, movies fail to let people exercise their individual imaginations, which is partly the point of the story  to begin with. I may be too “grown-up” in my opinion, but this story is close to my heart and highly revered, which is why I shared it in The Red Knot. It’s also difficult to support the movie’s additional plot of a little girl blindly befriending a weird old man and then lying about spending time with him to her mother.  Um… stranger danger? If only they had made him her grandfather or something. It was slightly creepy, honestly. And dangerous in reality.  But the fox, the rose, the snake, the aviator, and The Little Prince were brilliant and magically portrayed. The message of what is essential came across and that’s what really matters.

See with your heart!






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