Book Review: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

“You seem okay now.”

She toyed with her gun, flicking the weapon’s safety on and off, her eyes still upward. “It’s easier around you. I don’t know why.”

Well, that was something. It made me think. “Maybe it has to do with your weakness.”

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Firefight is the second book in The Reckoners series. The plot picks up where Steelheart left off and starts running. The characters travel from Newcago (Chicago) all the way to Babilar (the former New York City in this dystopian future.) New Epics (bad guys) are introduced, such as Regalia and Obliteration.

Sanderson’s intentional overuse of similes and metaphors remains charming, albeit a stretch at times. The comic aspects of the novel are off-set by the serious theme of weakness and the conflict of Prof’s struggle. Romance blooms, but it’s late and lazy.

The action scenes drag on at times, but quirky new characters like Mizzy and Dawnslight provided sufficient dramatic rest from the all out action. The plot roamed around aimlessly for a while, but then returned to center for the conclusion.

David is an endearing goof and remained static throughout. The biggest character arc was found in Prof, while Megan had an intriguing arc too, though the explanation of her powers was odd and hard to digest. Weaknesses of the Epics were investigated and David’s philosophy about them leaves the reader unsatisfied enough to run out and buy the next installment in the series, Calamity.

Sanderson is fun and games, with comedy and heart thrown in for free. And potatoes.

 Check out Brandon Sanderson!

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