Pale Barn Ghosts – “3×8”

Happy Halloween!

My short story, “Going Home” is set in small-town Pennsylvania, where I grew up. A place of twisty roads, old farmhouses, and Revolutionary War-era graveyards. I’m not exactly a horror story writer. (Well, I guess I am NOW…) But I do like a good twist and gobs of mystery. Honestly, “Going Home” was really fun to write!

The band, Pale Barn Ghosts, seemed an appropriate choice to showcase on my Soundtrack To The Book Friday before Halloween for many reasons.

#1. Spooky band name. They label their style as “Cemetery Folk” music. Oh yeah.

#2. The guys are from my hometown! They live in Gettysburg now, but the lead singer, Thomas (Tommy!) sat behind me in homeroom for four years. I still remember his cover of Nirvana at the high school talent show. It SO beat my rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” But, whatever.

#3. It’s a great song! I think it’s about death…(spoiler: it’s totally about death.)

Going Home” is included in the anthology, Hair Raising Tales of Horror (21 tales by 7 authors) and is available now! (Read my other contribution, “Anonymous,” too!)

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