Knitters Strive

“Yeah, maybe.  Let’s talk about something else.  Are you done with your swatch, Ainsling?”

Ainsling held up her square of knit work, the third attempt at reaching the correct gauge.  She laid it down and set a special ruler over it to count the stitches horizontally and vertically.  Finally, she got gauge!

 “Cool!  So, if I follow the instructions, it will be a perfect fit, right?”

Many of the knitters around them giggled. 

Ainsling looked at them quizzically.

“Well, that’s not always how it works out, but it’s the best way to aim for the goal.  Knitters strive to get gauge but—I know I’ve said it before and I will say it again—knitting keeps you humble,” Ellen chuckled.

-The Red Cloak, Days of the Guardian Vol. 2



It is all for the bright!

D. Marie Prokop