Moses Sumney – Man on the Moon 


Moses Sumney opened for Sufjan Stevens at Jones Hall in Houston. I couldn’t forget that voice. Check him out.

Joseph – Wind

In a town called High Hope
We do our best to sing a weary song.
We fill our lungs to blow these walls out,
But it takes, it takes wind to knock this house down.

I had the privilege to hear these three sisters perform at the Heights Theater in Houston. It was amazing. The theater opened within the last two years and has brought in a plethora of talented music acts. Thankfully, they are still going strong after Harvey crashed the party here in the area recently.

Houston is my “town called High Hope.” You can let it be yours, too.


It is all for the bright!

-D. Marie Prokop, author

So, Hero…

“So, hero, are you going to visit?” Nate asks.

Jaycee eyes her purple notebook and winks.

“Of course. I have a story to tell her.”

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It is all for the bright!

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