Sufjan Stevens – “Christmas Unicorn”

Unicorns are so “in” right now…

Continue your holiday celebrations with a goofy, yet humble, grin and check out all of Sufjan Stevens music, including his newest release, The Greatest Gift, whose proceeds benefit the Cancer Support Community. 

It is all for the bright! -D. Marie

The Oh Hellos: NPR Music Holiday Tiny Desk Concert

Christmas with banjos and sweet vocals? Yes, please.

The Oh Hellos new album, NOTOS is out now. Treat yourself.

Hoping you and yours have a very happy holiday,

D. Marie

It is all for the bright!


I’m a Star

I sing the same songs over and over 

I’m so high, I have to say I’m not sober 

When I collapse 

I’ll leave a big, black hole 

Then what becomes  

Of my soul? 


Go, go away 

Bright morning sun 

In the day 

I’m no one 

In the night 

I shine so far 

In the dark 

I’m a star 

-Excerpt of the poem “Lament Of A Star” from The Shorter Things Collection


It is all for the bright!

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