Knitting Is Better Than Therapy

Prompt- Use the words: actor, glorious, stitch
Knitting is better than therapy
As stitches are created
Knit, purl, yarn over, decrease one
They do not analyze me, force correct answers
In therapy, I am an actor in an office
Yes, I feel guilt
No, I haven’t slipped
Yes, I love myself
No, I haven’t contemplated suicide
But when knitting, I do not dwell
On what is unworthy of contemplation
I obey the pattern or rebel with improvisation
As I speed knit Continental style or English throw and
No platitudes, no critiques
No pressure, no poking at pain till I bleed out
Only two sticks dancing with string
Creating, living, growing
Stitch by stitch, truth by truth
I’m a maker
Of miracles, of masterpieces, of monstrosities
What’s the worst that can happen with wool and
A dropped stitch, a lost pattern, incorrect gauge, wonky
I rip back, rewind, add tension to used, wrinkled strings
And start again
A work-in-progress
          In through the front door
          Run around the back
          Down through the window
          Off jumps Jack
Glorious fiber,
    Bare my soul to the cashmere gods
          Darn my holes
               Heal with scarves, socks, shawls
                    Warm with sweaters and blankets
                         Spin, ply, dye
                                       Bind off

-Excerpt from The Shorter Things Collection


It is all for the bright!

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