At A Distance

 “The Cloak of Dreams?” Li asked.

“It’s a story about an emperor with a sad dilemma,” Ellen explained to Li. “He loved his wife very much, but she had a dreaming soul.  When he held her in his arms, her soul wandered far away to her dream world.  So she spent five years embroidering the images of her dreams onto a cloak and presented it to the emperor.  If he wore the cloak, no longer would she have to choose between the path of her dreams and the path of her love.  If he didn’t wear the cloak, he could hold her, but her soul would continue to wander.  He chose to wear the cloak.”

“And she followed him at a distance for the rest of her life,” Ainsling finished explaining to Li.  “It’s the sacrifice he makes because he loves her.  She can’t touch him, but they are closer than ever.  Isn’t that beautiful, Li?”

The Red Cloak, Chapter 1, The Cloak of Dreams


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