“Dr. Griffin, do you understand the importance of impressing Commander Chen?”

The dark-haired neurosurgeon scoffed at his short, scowling companion.

“Before this meeting is over, Comrade Chen will be eating out of my palm.”

This time, it was Dr. Feng who scoffed.

“You are a fool.  Chen Changxing is a Chinese soldier—not a naive teenage girl.”

“Oh, I’m a fool, am I?  Then maybe you should try and perform this surgery without my guidance.  I’m sure you’re talented enough to figure it out on your own.  Wait—weren’t you the one who spent years trying to figure out the error in my father’s formula without ever coming close to the answer?  Who was the only one able to succeed?  Me!

-The Red Knot, Prologue

It is all for the bright!

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