Books by D. Marie Prokop

Days of the Guardian Trilogy

 Book One-The Red String

It’s the year 2053. Ainsling Reid is a spirited 16 year old suffering from debilitating seizures.
Li Griffin, 18, wishes his father would let him live his own life.
Desperate and abandoned, but tied by a string, Ainsling and Li need a rescue.
It’s a good thing that’s what the Guardian does best…


Book Two-The Red Cloak

     Led by the mysterious Guardian, Li Griffin and his girlfriend Ainsling Reid, along with the other passengers aboard The New Remnant, remain united in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate the oppressed citizens of Sector One. The malevolent forces of the Economic Crisis Containment Office remain undeterred.

    As Li struggles to cope with the shadow of his past and the weight of discovering the Guardian’s true identity, he must also work to uncover a new threat—one that lurks onboard The New Remnant itself.

    Ainsling has her own demons to face. Stricken with epileptic seizures, she was implanted with a device that cured her…and granted her a unique power. But using her power to help others comes at a great personal cost. As Ainsling wrestles with finding her role on The New Remnant, can she find a way to fulfill the Guardian’s impossible mission without surrendering to rage, depression, and fear?


Book Three-The Red Knot

Li Griffin journeys to a secluded island where he will finally meet the mysterious Guardian—the covert leader committed to rescuing the oppressed citizens of Sector One. But pain and disappointment fog Li’s vision.

Ainsling Reid embarks on her most important rescue mission yet—her mother. She returns to Sector One, where Noelle Reid is imprisoned, sentenced to death by the Economic Crisis Containment Office. Will Ainsling save her mother and reunite her family?

As the followers of the Guardian come together, insidious forces work to tear them apart. The crippled Dr. Griffin is contracted to create a new human weapon. A nefarious rebel faction is hunting down the Guardian. Doubt and fear invade the minds of the passengers of The New Remnant.

The power of joy once redeemed Li and Ainsling. Now the pain of tragedy threatens to unravel everything.


YA Christian Fantasy Short Story

On The Outward Appearance

What if you could see past the outer appearance and glimpse the hearts of the people around you?
When sarcastic, sassy Anne attends a church youth retreat she doesn’t even want to go to, she gets an unexpected gift . . .


Middle Grade Short Story

The Baiji

Grandma quotes Confucius.

“Child, you were born under a sign of wisdom. Remember, wisdom is attained by three methods: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the bitterest.”

A story of friendship and loss, The Baiji introduces young Ai Bao and her best friend in the whole big wide world, Shu Rui, a girl with a beautiful smile and a weak heart. During the Spring Festival, the girls venture on a ferry ride over the Yangtze River, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ai Bao’s favorite animal, an endangered species of river dolphin called the baiji.

Will Ai Bao see the rare dolphin or is the baiji gone forever?


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