F.R.M. President Glenn Masterson was restless.  Usually after a few shots of vodka, he went right to sleep.  Not tonight.  He tossed and turned until he couldn’t take it anymore and gave up trying. 

            The world was about to change.  How could he sleep?

The Red Knot, Chapter 18, The Knowledge of Good and Evil

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I Saw Lisa See


Last week I met historical fiction, mystery, and memoir author, Lisa See, possibly most famous for the movie adaptation of her novel, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. She discussed her inspiration through a series of coincidences and the specific writing journey related her newest release (on paperback), The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, a Chinese-American adoption story. It’s a tale of mothers, and, as Lisa says, it’s a universal tale because everyone has a mother.

Lisa See and Pearl S. Buck are two authors I admire greatly for their beautiful literary renderings of Chinese characters and settings. My YA trilogy, Days of the Guardian, and my middle-grade short story, The Baiji, include Chinese flavors, though to a much lesser degree. I have no Chinese relatives and have never traveled out of the U.S, therefore; I depended upon research.

There are many things as universal as mothers though, and I did my best to display the emotions, themes, and personalities that characters of all backgrounds and cultures share. I hope readers see themselves in my stories.

After all, everyone has a mother.



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Happy Lunar New Year!

Shu Rui’s house is not far. There are no sidewalks, but the streets are wide. They’re filled with people because everyone comes home for the fifteen-day celebration of Chinese New Year. It’s The Year of the Tiger, 1998.

I was born in 1989, The Year of the Snake. Everyone says that’s why I talk so much. Grandma always tells me,

Child, you were born under a sign of wisdom. Remember, wisdom is attained by three methods: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the bitterest.

Find out more about Chinese New Year in The Baiji.

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Who’s Coming?

What are you talking about?  Who’s coming?”

“I can’t tell you.  But they want the GuardianBad.  I tried to get her attention, tried to get her to come to The New Remnant.  Why didn’t she come?  I did a terrible thing, Li.  Now I can’t sleep without hearing his cries. “

The Red Knot, Chapter 6, The Dream-Come-True

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Turtles All The Way Down by John Green Book Review

I’m sorry.”

“You say that a lot.”

“I feel it a lot.”

-Turtles All The Way Down, by John Green

Ever wonder what it’s like to live with a debilitating mental problem? Or do you not have to wonder because you do it every day? Or does this describe someone close to you—a friend or a family member? Then this is the book for you and you and you.

It’s a given that John Green is one of the best writers of YA fiction, like, ever. This book is great. And I’ll always recommend that everyone read it, because reading, after all, opens one up to worlds they’ve never seen and has the power to change readers into more empathetic people. It’s true—there’s been studies. But I’ll be honest, unless you struggle yourself, you may never truly understand what it’s like to live with mental illness. That’s not John Green’s fault. He agrees with me. Aza Holmes’ mother doesn’t understand. Her best friend doesn’t understand. Even her therapist doesn’t really understand. The scene that explains the title of the book embraces that unanswerable mystery. Mental illness, like pain, grief, faith, and beauty, aren’t something you “understand.” They just are.

Enough philosophy. Read this book. Read about Aza Holmes. And her mother. And Daisy. And Davis.

You might know them already.

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