“Mercy is required.”

-The Good Shepherd: Volume One of the Werewolf Warden Series by D. Marie Prokop.



Leona Schaeffer is more. More than a seventeen-year-old girl. More than a lonely orphan.

She’s a Werewolf Warden. Inheriting an ancient strength and an ancient burden.

Summoned to the frantic streets of Gilded Age Boston, Leona must enter a world as unfamiliar as it is wondrous. A world of danger, populated by sheep in need of a shepherd.

Without the benefit of a mentor, Leona struggles to continue the noble legacy of her parents: Help the weak. Protect the innocent. Exact mercy. Maintain the peace.

Sadly, not everybody wants peace.

Despite the burden of her heritage, Leona is headstrong and pure-hearted. But can she resist the forces threatening to tear apart everything and everyone she cares about? Death, failure, heartache, responsibility, and family trouble conspire to tarnish Leona’s good intentions.

Mercy is required.



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Ryan Adams I See Monsters

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Still life: Wolf In Chalk

Clementine’s porcelain hand tightened around hers and pulled her down the hallway. Leona let the girl escort her up the stairs. Her cousin’s enthusiasm, like the radiance of the sun, was inescapable and warming. As they climbed up and up, Leona’s burdens felt further and further away. When they reached the landing, she desired only sleep.

The Good Shepherd by D. Marie Prokop


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The Mountain Goats – Up the Wolves


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Alone Again

Leona waited until she’d exited the office before wiping away a fat tear from her cheek. The heavy door closed with a thud behind her. Exhausted from the exchange, she leaned against the wall and sighed.

She was alone again.

-The Good Shepherd  by D. Marie Prokop


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The Angel From Mars

The Angel from Mars
By D. Marie Prokop, Copyright 2019

“Cough, please.”
The forced bark reverberates in my skull.
“Well, I’ve never seen a case of this in all my twenty years as a practicing physician. It’s psy-cho-gen-ic a-phon-i-a,” the doctor declares, over-emphasizing each vowel and consonant.
Aunt Kathy stares at the doctor, mute. Like me, but not like me.
“Ms. Sorensen?”
Aunt Kathy is familiar with medical terminology. She’s a nurse. It’s her fault I’m here. She insisted I needed looked at by a doctor and Mom was in no position to argue.
“Yes, doctor, I understand. Jenny’s loss of speech is psychological. I don’t know what I expected to hear. But it’s been eight days. I promised Natalie I’d get her checked out.” Her green eyes studied me, as if I were a rat in a cage. She turns away and continues, “Jenny and Robert were together that night, you know, watching the fireworks. She was passed out when Natalie found him—found his—”
“Yes, ma’am. I understand your concern. I saw Robert’s body in the morgue. It was—”
The doctor clears his throat, avoiding my eyes.
Horrific. That’s the word you’re looking for—horrific.
I’m not surprised that he knows. It’s a tight-knit community. When the kindest farmer in the county dies mysteriously, everyone wants to know the details.

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Persona 5 – “Beneath The Mask” [feat. Ruby Choi] Cover – Jam Session #1 // J-MUSIC

“I’m a shapeshifter
At Poe’s masquerade
Hiding both face and mind
All free for you to draw
I’m a shapeshifter
What else should I be?
Please don’t take off my mask
Revealing dark”

Persona “Beneath the Mask”, Shoji Meguro

PERSONA 5 Original Soundtrack 

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