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Don’t Be Afraid

She sighed as she looked out over the turquoise water.  Waves crashed at her feet and she felt the water wash over her toes.  This island had been her home soon after she first encountered the Guardian, over ten years ago.  The last decade had been filled with adventure and purpose—and much danger.  Elizabeth had a strong feeling danger was closer than ever.  Closer than the Guardian.

Don’t be afraid, she remembered.

The Red Knot, Chpt. 9, The Job

(Nanowrimo project 2014, published 2015)

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Following Protocol

Kayleen and her sisters had been rescued by a group led by Aaliyah.  She learned later how Aaliyah had stayed behind, following protocol, to ensure Kayleen and her siblings were not discovered by E.C.C.O. agents.  She was very grateful to Aaliyah for reuniting them with their dad, Dr. Mark Yancey, and also for taking care of the Yancey’s beloved dog Lucy, by leaving her with their neighbors.  She smiled at Aaliyah when she saw her false name written in pink marker, Lucy.

The Red Cloak, Chpt. 6, The Son

(Nanowrimo project 2013, published 2014)

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