Young Adult Fiction Trends… the Dystopian Novel

“The Red String” is not categorized as “dystopian,” yet it qualifies in many ways…the problem was that it wasn’t the focus of the book. In books such as “The Hunger Games,” the dystopian society is practically a character in itself…the antagonist in most cases. E.C.C.O. is the government construct in “The Red String.” It is not a utopian society by a long shot, but the characters are not yearning to fight “the system” in this story. I hope that makes sense. I even named the government “E.C.C.O.” to reflect a belief that governments tend to repeat the evils of the ones before it, no matter the promised outcome.

That being said, I still love me a good fight-the-system dystopian novel. The strength of the characters, the rebel attitudes, and the overall thought-provoking-ness draw me to them like a magnet. Personally, I’m glad I set up the poll, so that I don’t have to choose one over the others. All are excellent in their own right. Read them all!


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