Still life: Wolf In Chalk

Clementine’s porcelain hand tightened around hers and pulled her down the hallway. Leona let the girl escort her up the stairs. Her cousin’s enthusiasm, like the radiance of the sun, was inescapable and warming. As they climbed up and up, Leona’s burdens felt further and further away. When they reached the landing, she desired only sleep.

The Good Shepherd by D. Marie Prokop


It is all for the bright!

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Knitters Strive

“Yeah, maybe.  Let’s talk about something else.  Are you done with your swatch, Ainsling?”

Ainsling held up her square of knit work, the third attempt at reaching the correct gauge.  She laid it down and set a special ruler over it to count the stitches horizontally and vertically.  Finally, she got gauge!

 “Cool!  So, if I follow the instructions, it will be a perfect fit, right?”

Many of the knitters around them giggled. 

Ainsling looked at them quizzically.

“Well, that’s not always how it works out, but it’s the best way to aim for the goal.  Knitters strive to get gauge but—I know I’ve said it before and I will say it again—knitting keeps you humble,” Ellen chuckled.

-The Red Cloak, Days of the Guardian Vol. 2



It is all for the bright!

D. Marie Prokop

At A Distance

 “The Cloak of Dreams?” Li asked.

“It’s a story about an emperor with a sad dilemma,” Ellen explained to Li. “He loved his wife very much, but she had a dreaming soul.  When he held her in his arms, her soul wandered far away to her dream world.  So she spent five years embroidering the images of her dreams onto a cloak and presented it to the emperor.  If he wore the cloak, no longer would she have to choose between the path of her dreams and the path of her love.  If he didn’t wear the cloak, he could hold her, but her soul would continue to wander.  He chose to wear the cloak.”

“And she followed him at a distance for the rest of her life,” Ainsling finished explaining to Li.  “It’s the sacrifice he makes because he loves her.  She can’t touch him, but they are closer than ever.  Isn’t that beautiful, Li?”

The Red Cloak, Chapter 1, The Cloak of Dreams


It is all for the bright!

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Persona 5 – “Beneath The Mask” [feat. Ruby Choi] Cover – Jam Session #1 // J-MUSIC

“I’m a shapeshifter
At Poe’s masquerade
Hiding both face and mind
All free for you to draw
I’m a shapeshifter
What else should I be?
Please don’t take off my mask
Revealing dark”

Persona “Beneath the Mask”, Shoji Meguro

PERSONA 5 Original Soundtrack 

For all those who love shapeshifter tales… check out The Good Shepherd, Werewolf Warden Series, Volume One.



F.R.M. President Glenn Masterson was restless.  Usually after a few shots of vodka, he went right to sleep.  Not tonight.  He tossed and turned until he couldn’t take it anymore and gave up trying. 

            The world was about to change.  How could he sleep?

The Red Knot, Chapter 18, The Knowledge of Good and Evil

It is all for the bright!

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U2- Ordinary Love (From Mandela OST) Lyric Video

“A man named Nelson Mandela once fought against a seemingly unbeatable adversary—apartheid.  In his country, people were classified and separated by race.  Those with the darkest skin were deprived of basic human needs and oppressed by the government.  Mandela was in prison for twenty-seven years but he never gave up hope.  He once said, ‘The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’  Don’t believe the lie that you shouldn’t be afraid.  Fear is normal.  Use it.  Conquer it.  Remember—the Guardian has prepared your path.  She chose each of you especially for this task.  Work together and return to us safely.”

The Red Cloak, Volume 2 of Days of the Guardian

“Be a hero!”

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